Monday, September 14, 2009

Made it

Last weekend we moved the tiny house from it's location in California to Seattle.

He we are at a rest stop along the way. You might notice that the truck's back end is a bit low.

We knew our version of the tiny house was heavier than a typical Fencl. In fact, we feared that we were well over 7000lbs. So we took the trailer to a truck stop and paid $9 to have it weighed. We detached it from the truck and had the tongue on one scale and the wheels on the other. By doing this we could see how tongue heavy we were.

And we were a bit heavy on the tongue. Depending on the kind of trailer you have, you want the tongue weight to be between 10 and 15 percent of the total weight. So after seeing our report, we took some tools and boxes out of the trailer, put them in the jeep and rearranged what was left (we moved things to the back, near the door, and tied them down) to get less weight on the tongue.

Another thing to note is that tiny houses of this kind are tall. As tall as a semi.

On level ground, from the peak to the ground, we are 13' 4". If you see an over pass that says 13' 4", find another rout. They generally mean it. We didn't have any problems because we took a truck rout to Ballard (the neighborhood in Seattle where we settled).

So here we are. We still need to put trim on the door, hook up a shower, paint inside and out, along with many other tasks. But we feel like in a way, one adventure has been completed and another is starting.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


There is still some work to do on the roof, but it is shaping up...

And so is the inside.

And here I am hanging out in the trees.