Sunday, May 9, 2010

The next project is the drapes

Now that I've painted, I've figured out what I want to do for drapes. I was looking for a woven material so we'd let in lots of air and light. At night we can close the honeycomb blinds for added privacy and darkness.

What we have hanging now is liner material, like bleached muslin, scavenged from some old drapes. Yesterday I bought off-white burlap for the drapes and oatmeal colored linen-like ribbon to be used along the sides and bottom (to give a bit more contrast from the walls). I might also add a couple of 1.25" diameter simple, wooden buttons to each window so we can hold the new drapes open.

I need to sew along the cut edges of the fabric to prevent it from unraveling then it'll go into the washing machine until it's softer. I'm told to expect a little shrinking too. I'm curious to see what it comes out like because I haven't worked with burlap before. The price was worth gambling on though. I paid $10.50 for 9 yards of fabric (on sale) which should be enough for all of the windows.


  1. Ah yes, this is a home that looks more lived in. Have fun with the curtains! I like how you're bringing a bit of the wood back with the buttons:)

  2. How pretty! & how simple - burlap is a fun choice! It does sound like it's getting more & more 'homey!'

  3. I love the white interior! It makes the house look larger inside. And the burlap would be wonderful.

  4. I like the different layout and how you moved the doorway. With both of you needing desk space I can see the need. On the original Fencl design I am making that little nook area (with door in normal spot) my desk area. I love the kitchen layout better as well, though for myself I would still need to out in the bookshelves! What I do not see are pictures of the loo. I see the bi-fold door pics, but I would really like to see what exactly you did with that rain barrel. I hope its what I am thinking!!


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