Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We started talking about building a tiny house in January. We've been doing research on every aspect of the project since then. We've looked into gray water systems, plumbing, heating, gas, electrical and various other elements of our house. We compared the advantages and disadvantages of AC power vs. DC power. We looking into wood, asphalt, and metal roofs. We spent hours fine tuning the floor plan and deciding where light fixtures, cabinets and so on go. We visited various stores and lumber yards, and have done hours of on-line shopping so we have a rough idea of what we'll be spending.

So, while you are just tuning in on this fine day near the end of March, 2009, we've been considering and planning our tiny house since the beginning of the year. So the project has already started, but we're just now getting to the physical part. To the actual buying of stuff and hammering it together.

So the "When?" is NOW.

But what are we really going to be building?

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