Monday, March 23, 2009


Why in the world would you want to build and live in a tiny house? Won't you be cold? Where will you put the TV? Don't you have to know about carpentry, roofing, electrical systems, plumbing, gas, and and and and...? It's so small. Won't you get on each others nerves?

The bottom line is that we are pursuing our dreams. The older we get, the more we feel like what we want, often not the typical American dream, is worth chasing after even if it means giving up some other things. Specifically if those other things are just things that we don't really need.

One of our long time dreams has always been to build our own house. But we've never wanted a big house (though, this one is pretty small). We like camping and feeling closer to nature than most folks. We're also concerned about treading lightly in the world.

I could really write pages and pages about why we're building a tiny house, our Mobile Cottage, but instead, I invite you to follow our blog as we build our dream. I'm sure that over the months our motivations will shine through our posts and become more clear to you. You'll get to hear about our mistakes, frustrations and successes along the way. And hopefully enjoy vicariously participating in our dream.


  1. I'm along for your voyage! I always dreamed of (and drew and re-drew) the ideal Tiny Space as I was growing up... I am excited to watch yours become reality and demonstrate that theory of Ideal. Hoping for all the best in your endeavor - alfalfacts

  2. Thank you Alfalfa. Yeah, both my wife and I have been drawing plans since we were kids too. It is pretty exciting to be doing something about it.

  3. Alfalfa,

    Thanks for coming along for the ride with us.

    We enjoy the company and when we get a comment on the blog it proves were not alone (or nuts) in wanting to make/making one of these tiny houses.



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