Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Search And What We Hope To Find

We now have 4 months until the planned relocation. We’re officially starting the search for a place to park our tiny cottage and we thought that if we listed what we’re hoping to find, that readers could possibly keep an eye out for leads.

The hopes:

The host-house owners will be happy to have a tiny house on their property. Although the property we’ll live on will probably already have a house on it, we’d also be open to renting an empty lot instead. I already know how to research who the owners are. I just need the address or nearest cross streets.

The area will be quiet and safe. We won’t have anything to steal, but when walking/biking near the cottage in the darker winter hours we’d like to feel fairly safe.

Not too far from the University of Washington or downtown. A 30 minute or less commute by public transport would be ideal but we’re open to living farther out if need be. Farther out simply means we’ll definitely be ready to do the 208 mile Seattle to Portland bike ride our first July there (with minimal extra training).

The monthly rent for the space will be reasonable. We simply need a space to park the cottage, an outdoor extension cord for our tiny fridge and a garden hose for a hookup for showers when we don’t shower at the YMCA after a morning workout. Besides the rent, we can pay extra for our utility usage (although we don’t think you’ll notice much of a difference to your regular bill). Wireless internet would be a big plus, but isn’t necessary. We also don’t need access to the host-house as we can use nearby laundry facilities and have our own kitchen and bathroom. To rent a room in Seattle (including utilities and access to a washer and dryer) is running about $450 so we would expect to pay less than that since we need less and won’t be invading anyone’s privacy. I’d be very willing to help with the gardening or help with house maintenance to keep our rent low.

We pay our rent on time, won’t be having any large, loud parties, don’t have any drama in our lives, don’t smoke and we don’t have any pets although we do like them. We would like to secure a place to live before we arrive in August.

If you live in, or about 30 minutes from, the UW or downtown,
have a space that you would like to rent to us,
have an elderly relative who could use the extra income/help around the yard
or see an empty lot somewhere,
then please contact us directly by clicking on the "-Contact Us-" link under our photo.

Thanks, and we’ll see you soon in Seattle!


  1. I don't know of a place yet, but you two seem great! I wish we had the place you were looking for.

  2. Welcome to the UW! What PhD program are you starting? From 22nd ave nw & 85th st, the bus ride on the 48 is about 30 minutes to campus, but up to 45-50 in traffic. Express busses run early in the morning and early afternoon.

  3. Matthew,
    Thak you. Let us know if you hear of anything.

    I'll be getting a PhD at the School of Information Science at UW. I'm interested in both information policy work and also mathematical modeling of information flows. Nifty, hu?

  4. Hey guys, I live in Seattle in a house in Greenwood that I own. I have a big backyard. I am tiny house obsessed. You guys seem rad. I ride the bus downtown every day in 30 minutes and you can easily take a bus to the u district in that amount of time as well. I have an awesome dog. I've lived in Seattle my whole life too, so if you want to know anything about it, ask me!


  5. Hello! I love your site and pictures. Well done! John and I have completed our tiny house and are in the process of moving it into the city of Milwaukee. The permit process is lengthy and pricey. It would help us out to have examples of other tiny houses getting accepted into major cities around the country. Do you have any info you can share to support us? Thanks so much for your time and dedication to tiny living.
    Sincerely, Emily

  6. I recommend you change "extension cord for our tiny frig" to FRIDGE. See the proper definition of FRIG in the American Heritage Dictionary.


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