Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Slower, Less Stressful, Balanced Life

Before we even thought about building this tiny cottage we discussed what kind of life we wanted upon moving to Seattle. Right now it’s rather hectic; school, study, apply to grad schools, work, research, build, eat and sometimes get some sleep.

After we move into our cottage we want a slower, less stressful daily life. We’ve wondered that if I’m at work days and taking some night classes, and that Jeff might have day classes then teach in the evenings, will we ever see each other? We think that maybe since we’re both early risers that we can keep the downstairs floor area fairly empty so that we can wake up, do a bit of yoga together, sit and chat over breakfast, then head out for the day either to the local Y or to school/work.

Right now I take public transport to work but I’m planning on bringing my bike with us because I’d love to make it my primary mode of transportation in Seattle. They have so many bike friendly routes!

Because of living in our tiny cottage I will have more options as to what I am able to do to earn a living even though the economy stinks. The current rate in Seattle for a tiny place is around $1000 a month but the rent for a space to park our cottage will be only a couple to a few hundred dollars. If I can’t find CAD work in the engineering or architectural fields right away, we won’t have to stress over where the rent money will come from. This cottage will enable us to live off of only Jeff’s TA income if we have to. If I do find work in my field, then living on less means there's more money that could be set aside for retirement planning or vacations.

Of course, fewer living expenses also means that I’ll have the option to work part time in my current field, to change fields altogether not worrying that it pays less than what I’m accustomed to, or to do unpaid work. I read constantly and have always wondered what it might feel like for someone who either never learned how to read or who doesn’t read well. I plan on checking into what I’d need to do to become a Literacy Plus Tutor once we relocate and get settled in. I haven’t made the time for it up until now but I think I’d really enjoy doing that as well as getting back into hobbies.

We’re thinking of our cottage as a way to improve our lives as well as a way to save money in the long run simply by lowering our living costs. Although it’s uncomfortable seeing our savings lowered temporarily as we build, we are building the cottage with the knowledge that it will also be energy efficient and healthy to live in which is more than we can say for most existing housing.

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  1. Well, we can live off my student income if we don't eat very often.



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