Sunday, May 17, 2009

We Have Walls

Well, the wall framing is complete. This first picture is where we started today. I am finishing up my last quarter at Cal State East Bay, so over the last two weeks, Arlene has been building the frames daily after work. (Note: as always, we've posted more pics than we've blogged here.)

We pretty much had all the walls together and ready to go up when our helpers, Rick and Scott, showed up. Arlene had put the walls together on the floor of the house. This made her feel more comfortable about getting the measurements right. It made me less comfortable (than if she'd built them on the build space floor) because I worried about our brand new douglas fir floor. But she was careful and it turned out alright.

Once a wall was up, we'd level, plumb and brace it. We used long screws to attach the base board of the wall frames, through the douglas fir floor, and into the floor joists.

The second wall we put up was the shorter of the two long walls. Our porch will be about a 2.5 x 2.5 foot corner taken out of the front of this wall (In these photos, we're looking at the back of the house, which is the front of the trailer).

The third wall went up fairly easy. Then we lifted the toilet and refrigerator into the house since getting them in later would be - difficult (our door will be custom and narrower than most).

I'll try to get some pictures of the framing in the front of the house later. It is hard to see how it turned out in the these shots.

Basically, we have 3 walls that form the front of our house. One, the lager, will have 2 windows in it. The next will have the door, and the last will have one more window.

When we had the walls in place, we put a few 2X4s on top to keep everything together, plumb, level and tight.


Thanks to Rick and Scott!


  1. Hi Jeff and Arlene - Wow! It is really coming together. You get those walls up and it starts to look like a house. Thanks for sharing your revised floor plan as well, helps me visualize the completed project as I've been around Jay's original one as it was built...Kent

  2. Thanks Kent!

    You're right. It is starting to take shape. For that reason, raising the walls was exciting and fun.

  3. Looking pretty good, guys! I always liked the pictures of the process more than finished so I like all the different views.


  4. Daniel,
    Yeah, I know what you mean. Kent (previous comment) has a site called Tiny House Journal that has a few different collections of build pics:

    Thought that might be interesting to you.

  5. Thanks Jeff. I know I saw it before, I didn't have the site saved.


  6. I love the days like this on a construction project, where for so long it seems like you're just making baby steps, and then it all comes together so wonderfully. It's amazing how quickly it goes from trailer to "almost a house".



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