Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Coming Along

I'm finally settling into a routine and so I'm picking up steam. From the pic you can see that the roof sheathing is mostly done.

In addition to that, the insulation and vapor barrier and in too. But not actually everywhere. You can't see it in these pics but, I have a hole where I left out a rafter and the accompanying insulation and vapor barrier. These will go in a bit later.

In the pic you can see we'll have an outlet on each side of the bed and a small lamp top-center.

This crazy section of the roof took more than 3 times as long as the whole rest of the roof combined. The angle cuts are such a pain. Maybe because I have never done anything evern remotely like this before.

There will be a vent in the opening you see above. It will be hooked up to a fan so that on hot days we can suck hot air from near the ceiling and blow out the vent.

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  1. That siding looks beautiful in the sunlight. You two did pretty good with that.


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