Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We got tired of working on the roof so we decided to come inside and do some paneling.

In the photo above, I'm using a pneumatic brad nailer to install the knotty pine.

Here you can see that we have quite a lot done. We still need to install the skylight. And to the left in the photo above and the right in the one below, you can see a patch of plastic that isn't done yet. This is actually a big open space that we haven't yet roofed. You see, we have some custom cabinets coming in that are wider than our door...

Also in this last pic you can see that decided to close in the storage space above the door and install a fan that will help keep the place cooler in the summer.


  1. really looks awesome. Nice job.


  2. Paneling looks good.

  3. Is this your sleeping loft? Are you going to be able to sit up there?

  4. Skylight sems like a great idea.

  5. Wow, you guys are doing such a great job! I am truly amazed!

    We were considering wood paneling on the walls, but after looking at your pics, I think we want knotty pine!

    I am going to look into cost comparison.

    BTW, we're just getting started, but we are another couple building (well, my uncle is building, we're designing) a tiny house on wheels!



  6. Hi, I connected here through one of our members in Tiny House Singles, an new group I started on Yahoo for single people interested in the tiny house movement. A couple of us have concerns about where to put our tiny houses. Please tell me about your Seattle location--perhaps I can post the information on our site. Don't worry, we won't come flooding up there. We are only 21 members and I think most of us are still dreaming...


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