Thursday, August 27, 2009


Sometimes I can't believe this tiny house isn't done yet.

I mean, it is a tiny house... But it has taken a big amount of work...


  1. Can you share names of VOC free products, please?

  2. I've only just begun, but can already hear myself echoing, "I can't believe this tiny house isn't done yet!"

    It's looking great though.

    Curious: Why not go for a lighter color roof?

    Thanks, jenine

  3. VOC:
    Mostly we have used solid wood as opposed to laminates or "engineered woods". The Styrofoam insulation R-Tech insulafoam is supposed to be non-voc emitting. The spry foam is a soy based foam, but I don't have a can of that lying around.

    For the roof, we went with a color that matched our window trim - green.

  4. The best products we found: Fomo Ecofoam spray foam, Meangreen, if you're using adhesive, and AFM Safe seal to coat solid wood, if desired. Haven't tried them out yet but I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity so were looking and hoping for the best.

  5. "Sometimes I can't believe this tiny house isn't done yet."

    Tiny House has a lot of Tiny Details.


  6. I like it. The roof looks like Lincoln Logs. :)


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