Thursday, April 23, 2009

Downsizing – Beloved Objects

Another bunch of items I will need to sell off will be my tools. I'm keeping my hand tools but the big ones really need to go.

Want to buy a TIG welder? The tank is still full. No?

How about a wood & metal cutting band saw, drill press, metal cutting chop saw, roll/brake/shear, scroll saw, belt/disk sander, bench grinder or plasma cutter? Although they have been absolutely, fantasticly fun playmates, and have enabled me to do things that human hands alone cannot, I will definitely need to part with them. They’ve been sitting in Mike and Carol's garage or my 10'x10' storage space for a total of about 4 years now.

Ok, ok, yes, I admit it.

"Hi, my name is Arlene and I rented a storage room. I'm now in recovery though because today Jeff and I emptied my storage unit and moved everything to a space where I can more easily sell them. They will be posted on Craigslist or Ebay within the next month. I intend to put a link to my posts of items for sale on our blog in case anyone is interested in buying anything or simply understanding that downsizing possessions can be a lot of work."

This move from storage has freed up $150 monthly and when I sell the tools it will cover the bit more of my share of building the tiny cottage that wasn't covered by my income tax refund. This of course means that my savings will stay intact a bit longer… which is a huge motivator.

I am giving up possessions from my past to start a new chapter in life; a new adventure. We are building our own cottage and in a couple of years I plan on enrolling in a cabinet building/furniture making program. Knowing that my loss of big-tool-use isn't permanent (after using a bunch of them to build our cottage) makes the realization of getting rid of them a bit easier. Not at all easy, just easier.

If you have decided that living in a much smaller space than you are in now is something you really want to do (right now or in the future), what favorite items of yours won’t be able to fit into your new space? How will you deal with that?


  1. I just recently (like this week) finished selling off all of my own tools. Along with everything else I've purged in recent months, it was liberating and just a little scary at the same time. Knowing what's in store in the future makes it more palatable...

    Good luck with your cottage, I'm jealous!

  2. Thanks Jesse.

    I agree about lightening the load as being both liberating and scary at the same time.

  3. Jesse,

    You finished purging excess belongings?
    I'M jealous! :-)

    I agree looking forward, instead of back, makes it easier.

    Thanks for writing,

  4. I'm just starting the build on my own tiny house and have been downsizing for the past couple of years gradually. Tools will probably be the last thing to go, although I may put the big things (table saw, jointer, planer, compressor etc) into a friend's garage rather than sell as I'm planning on building a more permanent place in a couple of years. The problem with selling the things on are that you never get what you paid for them and will have to pay more to replace them again. If I can use some storage space for free then I think that's a good option for th short term.

    I'll be eagerly watching your progress as I build my own place, feel free to drop by at



  5. Hi Justin,

    I completely agree with the problems with selling items now only to replace them later.

    I'll be watching your progress too. Good luck and have fun! :-)


  6. "You finished purging excess belongings?
    I'M jealous! :-)"

    Well, that line again, "I just recently (like this week) finished selling off all of my own TOOLS."

    I'm going through one category at a time, tools are done, sporting/outdoor equipment is next up. Then I move back inside to continue with the clothing, computers STUFF, books, etc...

    this is exhausting!

  7. If, when I buy something new, I could somehow keep in mind that I will someday be getting rid of something, and that it will cost me to do so (in terms of time and possibly emotionally as well as financially) I wonder if I would buy so much.

    Since we don't pay the cost of disposal until way after we purchase something, the disposal cost is a deferred, and hidden, cost at the time of purchase.


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