Monday, April 20, 2009

Downsizing - It's hard. "Just Do It"

It's a fact that I can't take most of what I own with me when we move into our tiny hand-built cottage in August. I want to practice what I have recently read was called 'voluntary simplicity' but sometimes it’s still hard to part with items. Some items have value or meaning to me. They evoke feelings.

Books being one of them. I love books, almost everything is written either in books or on the web and I want to know about everything. How to make shoes, who invented eyeglasses, what makes people laugh; I want to learn all of it. I think it's mom's fault. When we were little she bought my brother and me a book called "Tell Me Why" and another called "Lots More Tell Me Why". The tag line on the books was something like 'answers to hundreds of questions children ask'.

She also used to take us for nature walks which probably started my love for the outdoors. I bought the Foxfire books as well as a bunch by Tom Brown, Jr about urban or wilderness survival as well as animal tracking.

Well, yesterday I did the first pass at my bookshelf and can proudly tell you that 6 boxes were sold to a local book store. Now I have only another 7 boxes to sort through!

How does someone figure out their favorite-of-favorite books that they don't want to part with? The ones that I buy can't be found at the library, even through the Link+ program.

How many boxes of books will be allowed to follow me to the new cottage?


  1. Books books books.

    I love books. But I realize I keep some because of what I think they say about me to folks who might see them in my book shelf.

    And when I decide to purge them, each one represents one single decision - keep or not.

  2. Oh, the book battle... I have a system that has worked well in the past for me - find your friend who is not downsizing, but who is also a book hound. Chances are they will be delighted to acquire those books you are having trouble parting with on "temporary permanent loan." Then at least you'll know where to find those precious volumes.

    Natalie (Portland, OR)

  3. Natalie,

    What a great idea! Why didn't I think of that?



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