Sunday, June 28, 2009

Electrical complete

While working on the electrical system, I wrote a number on each wire and kept detailed notes about where each wire started and ended, as well as any details about junction boxes. In the first picture, you can see the start of this list and some of the rough wiring.

In this one, where the wiring is complete, you can see how much the list grew.

Finally, we hooked up a 30 amp recepticale and and tied it into a 110 extension cord. When we plugged it in, we tested all the outlets and switches and everything worked!

What I didn't know is that it might have better to hookup the switches and outlets after finishing the inside walls. Now we'll have to tape them. But it did give me great satisfaction to have it all done.

Electrical Map:

(click for larger version)

Up next is windows.


  1. Everything worked the first time? That's great! I remember a ceiling fan that a slum-ah, I mean landlord wired up for us one time such that the light would only come on when the fan blades were turning. Hooray for competence!

    If, 30 years down the line, something stops working, all you have to do is tear out some of the wall and you have everything there you need to know to track down the problem. Now if only you can remember where that section of wall is...


  2. Why should you have waited to finish the electrical?

  3. Hi Kerrick!
    I sure hope I never have to open things up again, but if I do, the map is actually pretty geographically correct and the interior tongue and grove will be screwed into place. So if I really really need to get back in there, well I could.

    Only to avoid accidentally painting or dinging up a switch or outlet. Otherwise, it isn't a problem.

  4. I like the electrical plan diagam. Looks good. Everything is coming together nicely.


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