Friday, June 26, 2009

House wrap

Just wanted to post a few pics showing we finished the house wrap. The first is of Sultan and I working on the second pass.

House wrap does several nifty things for a home. First, it helps prevent drafts. But it also helps with moisture problems because water passes only one direction through it. So it is difficult for water on the outside to come in, and any water on the inside tends to wick out.

Here we are finished.


  1. here is something I always wondered about this phase of house construction. The wrap is stapled to the house, doesn't that leave holes that moisture can get through? same thing with roofing, don't the nails holding shingles on a roof allow moisture in?


  2. Hello Brett,
    Normally, you get these specialThe company that makes the house wrap wants you to buy these special plastic tipped nails that are supposed to self-seal. But everyone we talked too said they just use staples. This is becuase you can not totally prevent water from getting behind the house wrap no matter what you do. The house wrap isn't a vapor barrier, it is a semi-permiable vapor wicker. So any water that gets behind it, in theroy wicks out.

    That said, Arlene and I have talked about using some of the extra house-wrap tape that we have to seal up the worst of the holes.

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  5. Brian,
    Actually, I have some aluminum flashing that I am going to put in there in the next day or so. I should have put flashing in before the sheathing, but I didn't think about it - and Jay doesn't do anything for it.

    I did use treated 2x4s for the floor framing around the wheel well, so that will help. Also, we plan to put a line of silicon sealant running on top of the wheel well to keep "casual" water on the outside side.

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