Friday, June 5, 2009

Facts About Our Project

We certainly didn’t expect to be asked by the media for interviews when embarking on this project. Well, because I’ve been trying to get the word out so that we find a space to live in our tiny cottage while in Seattle, the media has contacted us. We now have a side bar item titled “Media Inquiries” which (so far) answers these questions:

Why are you building a tiny house to live in?
What does this project mean to you?
Won’t it be too small for you two to live in full-time?
Why do you think it’s important to downsize your possessions?
How do you think this project will change your lives?
What are the facts about your tiny cottage?
What are you looking for?
Have there been any parts of this project that were unexpected?
What would you tell others who see your tiny cottage and want to build one too?

If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We’ll add our answers as they are asked to the side bar link as well as to this post.


  1. Nice. I like how your responses to those questions come across authentic and like real expressions of who I'm started to think you two are. We can do great things online but its those personal interactions and feeling part of a community that really count.

    Thanks for sharing a little more about your rationale for moving towards small and best of luck to you in finding a little piece of land to call home this fall.

  2. Fascinating. I can't hardly wait for the next post to see the progress! Thanks for sharing this(especially the photos) with us.

  3. Hey Guys, I'm just curious why you chose a trailer with a 7000 lb GVWR instead of the 10,000? Seems like having the extra weight to play with might come in handy. Was is a cost issue or something else? Great blog by the way. I always check it before my email!

  4. Thank you T-shirt and Elements!

    Karson: We got the 7K trailer mainly becuase that was what the plans suggested. Acording to Jay from Tumbleweed tiny houses, the estimated weight of the house and trailer is 5700 lbs, so there ought to be pleny of extra pounds for my t-shirts, coffee cup and laptop.

    Actually, we have more windows than Jay's Fencl, so we expect to be a bit heavier, but likely still under, say 6200. lbs. One of these days I'll do tha math and figure it out.

  5. When it's all said and done, maybe you can take it to one of those weigh stations along the highway and get an "official" weight on the house. They might be able to help... In case you really wanted to know the total.

  6. Dan,
    Do they charge for that? I've thought about it. It would certainly be more accurate since wood's moisture content plays a big roll in weight.

    What happens if they weight you and you are over the trailers limit? Ticket? Or do they make you shed weight until you are within the limit?


  7. Good questions, I have no idea. There might be other places that can do weight. maybe shipping companies. Sorry I can't answer them.

  8. I'm not sure how it is on your side of the border but on some of our quieter highways there are self weigh stations that don't appear to be patrolled. We've driven up and checked our weight for fun. It's quite accurate too.

    I'm guessing that by building your house in an indoor facility you're probably able to reduce some of the moisture content but I'm guessing in rainy Seattle it might go back up?


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