Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some tips

Lesson learned: don't try and save money by purchasing cheap screws or bits. Cheap screws have a relatively high rate of loss due to malformation, and they strip, bend and even break. If they strip and you can't get then in, you will probably have a hard time getting them out too. Then you've wasted all sorts of time, not to mention all the junk screws you tossed out. Cheap bits break, and then you have to go buy a new one. More time and money gone.

So it's often best to just get good stuff to start with. We've found that torx (also called star) head screws stay on the bit, and so don't strip, far, far better than either box or Philips (cross). The problem is, they are harder to find. A lumber yard we go to carries them, but some of the big stores don't. We've also found that screws that self drill are supper cool. You can identify these because they have a notched tip.

Next tip: guess how many times I would have to run up and down this ladder to put 1 screw every 6 (along seems) to 12 ("in the field") inches through the plywood and into the studs?

My knees would really not like me and it would take forever. Solution:

Setting up the saw horses with 2x6s (left over from the trailer deck) for a scaffold floor took maybe ten minutes. It probably saved me an hour and lots of knee pain.


Sheathing is done.

As always, there are more pics here.


  1. Looks pretty good now the shell is put on. When you start working on the roof, will the doors to where you're builing still allow you to keep it inside? (is it high enough?)
    Take care,

  2. Hi Daniel,
    The answer is: no. When the tiny house is finished it will be about 13'6". The roll up door is 12'.

    But we have a plan for this...

  3. Great to see your progress.

    Isn't the lesson:
    don't try and save money by purchasing cheap xx


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