Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Siding

Working alone, I've had to find ways to deal with managing a 20 foot long board while marking it for accurate cuts. I hung a string from each corner and used an easy loop knot to quickly tie and untie the strings.

Originally I thought it would make it easy to start or stop a board at the same level as window trim, but even being as careful as I could, the window trim is not all perfectly level. It would be easier to see this right at the edge of a board, instead of near the middle. So it was probably more work to do it this way, but I think it looks better.

In the next picture you can see that the siding is nearly done. Except for the hardest part: near the door and windows at the front. Since we will be putting the roof on outside of our build space, this is about as high as we'll go for now.


  1. Beautiful!

  2. I like that siding you have up. It's a nice light color that brightens it up. Good job with the detail around the windows too.

  3. Wow, you folks are really rocking. It's looking great! I like the green window trim with the cedar, and I bet it'll just keep looking better as the wood ages.


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