Friday, July 17, 2009

Plan ahead

I'm usually pretty good about planning ahead, but occasionally I miss stuff. The three photos below illustrate this.

In the first, look between the two windows on the right and you see the vapor barrier over insulation. In the next, you see paneling up to the window level, the vapor barrier torn aside and me installing 2x2 framework. In the last one, the paneling is done.

What happened is that I had put paneling up just a bit higher than in the second shot and remembered we were going to put our heater (lower left of the second photo) on this wall. Then I wondered what it was going to attach too. Then I got the heater out and read the instructions. Then I started ripping stuff apart to put a framework in place to attach the heater too. Of course it worked out fine, but took time I'd rather have not spent this way.

The thing that is time consuming - besides ripping stuff out and rebuilding it - is cutting all the notches around windows and outlets.

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  1. Guys, I can't seem to get your contact form to work. I apologize for posting this here.

    I'd like to extend an invite for your two to participate in the Small Living Journal project. If you might be interested, can you please drop me a line at

    Your house is looking great!


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