Saturday, July 4, 2009

A week's worth of work

If anyone ever tells you that building a house - even a tiny one - is a lot of work, believe them. I've been working 12 hours a day for the last week. I make a todo list, and by the time I have scratched off half the items, I have added so many new ones, I just make a new list to keep it all neat.

So what have we done since our last post?



Back priming the siding:

And started on the trim for the siding:

I know I should write more, but I'm going to bed!

As always, click the images for larger ones, and you can find the whole set here.


  1. "I know I should write more...."

    Pictures say plenty. Everything Looks great. Great seeing all the progress along the way.

  2. I so agree! Building a house takes a lot of time! I always think "I'm gonna get a ton today" and at the end of the day think "where did the day go???"

  3. I get this question a lot: "what model hot water heater you installed?"

    Precision Temp RV-500.
    It's a tankless, on demand, propane hot water heater.


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