Monday, July 27, 2009

On the Road

There were a lot of last minute details before moving the trailer. We had to put lights on it, since the trailer lights were partly covered, attach our license plate, and fill it with stuff that we'll need to have with us at it's new location.

We usually have more vehicles in the parking lot, but Saturday we were lucky and the lot was mostly empty. This means there was enough room to get out of the space without using the Jeep. Rick's truck is an 8500 lbs, 20 foot long, Dodge diesel cummins - it was made to tow this kind of thing.

The ride was a bit bouncy, and took us, say, an hour and a half. We did city driving, freeway driving, and curvy 2-lane highway driving. The freeway was toughest because we stayed in the truck lanes which gave us some bouncing, but otherwise it was fine and the tiny house made it to its new location without a scratch.

Now we take a week off. We'll sort of. We take a week to do some down sizing and clear out our build space. Then it will be back to building.


  1. Great pictures! I've been interested in one of these tiny homes. This has been a really helpful blog. Best of luck to you both!

  2. Thanks Victoria!
    Before we started this process we found the blog info that was available quite helpful too. And that is why we decided to do a blog.

  3. You are an inspiration to me. I'm watching every step. I think I can build too. You have been very organized in your process. I'm maybe 6-8 months behind you. The hardest part has to be the downsizing. Thanks for the great pictures. Wish I could help you like you have helped me.

  4. Cherokee,
    Your comments are appreciated.

    Yeah, downsizing is hard - at first. Then it just becomes ruthless. I think we will end up with a small storage space anyway because we have camping gear we want to keep for vacations.

    But what might be harder is really getting a handle on just how big a project building a tiny house really is.

    Anyways. Thanks again for the comments!

  5. I have a question that I wonder about that I can not see on your pictures. I see you have an air flow from the foot to the ridge, but how it looks in the cam ridge, it is venting up? or it just goes from side to side? Or is no air in the ridge from the ends?
    I see that it is bad English translation, hope you understand anyway! Simply asking how are you venting the roof?

    Hope you are enjoying your tiny I am only month away :)


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